Monday, August 16, 2010


Well. It's been a longggg time.
To start off, our fish- Franco- died 2 days after we got him..I think he might have died from a heart attack cause he just shook wayyyy too much to be normal.
On a better note! I started a new full time job at a doctor's office. It's lots of fun, just keeps me super busy and makes me exhausted at the end of the day. I work with a lot of nice, fun people.
Jon and I start school in about 2 weeks. He is going to be taking 14 credits. I however, am only going to be taking 6 credits. I was going to be taking 12 credits, but no one told us about the $3,000 tacked on if you take 7+ credits. So...only 6 credits for me! One class is criminal justice and the other one is human and family development! Yay! But yeah, I'll have residency in May so I can take summer courses to make up the credits I couldn't take this first year.

Life is pretty crazy right about now though. Getting used to all the changes and everything, but it's a lot of fun. Except when Jon has to work the night shift. Then I leave at 7:30 and get home at 5:30 while he goes to work at 1 and gets home about 10. Luckily I go straight from work to his work to see him while he is on his lunch break. So..we at least get a little bit of time together...but that's pretty much how it's been lately. We don't get too much time together. Of course I do get Saturdays and Sundays off so whenever he isn't at work we're together. But this is just the beginning of life, so we can figure out how to do this all without missing each other too badly.

Last weekend we went to Arizona for my niece, Jayne's, baptism! She was so gorgeous! My little girl all grown up! I miss my family so much, I can't wait to see them again. I have such a great family! They are so supportive! That includes my new family too!
Oh and including in new family, Meg- my sister- is due October 24th!!! Yayyy!! I'm so excited to have little Skeeter Houston Bowman in our growing family! :)
Well..I don't know when I'll be able to write next..but that's the update!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Franco, our new addition.

We got a fish! His name is Franco, and he is a gold fantail fish. We believe he may have ADD..but we're not quite sure..He kinda twitches uncontrollably. BUT! That's what made us get him, he was perfect for us! He has a nice fish bowl with colorful rocks, a cute plant, a little sign that says- NO PESCAR!, and a cute bridge that he likes to swim under and over! He is just having the time of his life having his own pad all to himself! We are planning on saving a fish from a friend's ex, but we are not sure when we will be getting him.
This Sunday we are celebrating Franco's birthday! Mom and Dad Lee are going to be coming over for sour cream chicken enchiladas! I think we'll get him fish food for his birthday, he really likes food. Another reason why he is perfect for our family. :)
So there's the update for the newest member of our little family! Here are some pictures of our cute little Franco. The first one is a close up. The next is a picture of him and his new home. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Sunday Teaching the 5 Year Olds!!!

So where should I start..I taught then about how choosing the right makes us happy! They were so cute! They participated, but I think that is mostly because they wanted the yummy brownies I made..treats + kids = good participation! But really, they know a lot about making right choices! They got to make the sad/happy face and I would read a scenario and they would have to say if that would make them happy or sad..and then how to make things better. They were so adorable! I love them so much, and it's only been one lesson! They sing all the songs in singing time and are just so reverent! They really are so fun.
Oh! and I just looked outside! It's raining, just thought I'd throw that in there! So anyways! Next week is going to be a great lesson! I'm super excited for this calling! I love being in singing time with all the little kids and taking care of them when they need help. I'm really really glad I've chosen to become a Preschool teacher..this just makes me even more sure of it! Well, that's all I got! If anyone has any ideas that I could use in my class, please let me know! I'd appreciate it a lot! Thanks!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Honeymoon!

So! I realized that I didn't say anything about our wonderful honeymoon! We went to DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA ADVENTURES! It was so fun, just! being kids again! We had so much fun visiting the princesses in Disneyland, and the Cars section in California Adventures!

Of course we had to take the shot of us in front of the mickey head near the front of the park!

Snow White! I was so excited to meet her! She was such a nice princess!
Sleeping Beauty, Jayne's (my oldest niece) favorite princess.
Mulan! I know, I've never seen her anywhere at Disneyland before! It was so fun to meet her! She was always one of my favorites growing up!
Mator...doesn't he just look so cool??
Their eyes move back and forth, it's pretty cool!
! And of course, LIGHTNING MCQUEEN!!
A Happy Place, such a fun little spot to take pictures.
We also took pictures with Donald Duck, Chip from Chip & Dale, Pooh, Tigger, and Goofy. We had so much fun going around and riding our favorite rides together. We even shared our love of churros! They were so delicious! Jon even bought me the biggest pickle I think I've ever seen! I couldn't even finish it, but it was good! We even got to find out some tricks of Disneyland from our friends Bianca & Alex (who just so happened to be on their honeymoon at Disneyland the same time we were) so we got to spend some time with them too. But they took us to the tortilla shop in California Adventures where they are making fresh tortillas all day and you can get a free one! They were so delicious!
Jon and I got to go, for our first time ever, (mine because it's always been closed whenever we went, and his because he was too small last time he was there) Tower of Terror! It was soooo much fun! We screamed and had a good time, I was holding onto Jon's arm so tight! But we had so many good and fun adventures and memories there together. It was the best way we could've started out our new life together!!

Jon's Birthday + More!

Well. This week has been all over the place. I can't even remember much that happened. So we'll just start with Thursday:
Jon and his buddy, Tyson, went golfing in the morning and then he headed off to work. While his dad and I went to lunch and spent some quality time together. It was fun.
After he got off of work, we met up and went to the Pepper concert at the Knitting Factory. It was a lot of fun! We went to breakfast after with some friends and just had a good time. The next day aka Friday: JON'S BIRTHDAY!!! He's officially 23! We spent the morning together and I made him his favorite muffins, cranberry orange! They were absolutely delicious! After that, we went down to Gardnerville and I spent more time with Dad and Jon went golfing with his buddy, Nic. After that we went to the Gardnerville track and Jon got to ride! His good friend Jaime was kind enough to let him borrow his bike and they went out and tore it up. Literally, Jon and Nic had a slight collision and Nic did a front handspring over his handle bars. Jon flew in the air, landed on his head, and rolled. Luckily! He has a VERY good neck brace that took care of the impact and so no harm was done to them. Besides a little soreness. They took the bikes back to the pits and bent them back into shape! They were out riding again shortly! Hahaha..oh the adventures of riding. They had a really great day spending time together! It was fun to see Jon ride a track after 3 1/2 years! He hasn't really lost his smoothness on the bike, and he's so fast! We couldn't get a good picture of him! But hey, my husband is just a speedster! Haha, he's awesome, love the heck out of him! But it was really a great time, Mom and Dad Lee came out and we just had a lot of fun together. Jon, of course, was showing off his goon riding for me...he's just the cutest thing! After the riding we went back to Mom and Dad Lee's house, ordered pizza, and watched the Sandlot. We spent the night, obviously, cause we were just too tired and Jon was just so exhausted that we wouldn't have made it back to Sparks safely. But, we woke up and had bday cake for breakfast! It was fun. Now we are back home and Jon has to work later today, so he is just relaxing and taking it easy till then.
The AND MORE part of this all is:
it's my niece, Jayne's, birthday! She's is 8 years old! She's getting baptized August 7th! We are going down there for that and our friend, Jake's, farewell the 8th. We are so excited to spend that special day with Jayner's. She's just such a sweet and special spirit and child of our Heavenly Father. She's so gracious, kind, and sweet. She is such an example, at times, to us. We love her sooooo much! And we couldn't have wanted her to be any different than she is! Happy birthday and we love you Jayne!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of Stuff

Where do I even start?
Friday morning we filled up with gas and on our way to the Celebrity Pro/Am tournament in Tahoe the truck started making really weird noises and doing this weird bucking thing. Well, Jon figured it was just really bad gas from the no name gas station. So we did all we could to fix it for the time being until we could get down to Mom and Dad Lee's house in Gardnerville, NV. Well, Jon and his dad tried some stuff to fix it, but it was still making the bucking noise and not sounding so good. So, we ended up taking his dad's jeep home. We went to meet up with his dad for dinner and to trade back cars. His dad had spent pretty much the entire afternoon driving the truck around trying to get rid of the bad gas. But of course, when you want the truck to get bad gas mileage and run it out, it doesn't! So he kept it Saturday night to take it up and down the grade on his way back home. Sunday morning he came over and the truck was still not sounding so good so Dad Lee decided to have us keep his jeep till he got back from a business trip in Arizona so that he could fix it for us. (He can fix anything, handyman of handymen!) So that's our car troubles for now..

But yesterday, Sunday, Jon and I had to give talks in Sacrament meeting. Mine was on: I am a child of God. It went well. Jon's was on: The Restoration, what it means to me. He did absolutely fabulous! He's such a great speaker/teacher!
We took a nice walk down to the park and then back home. It was nice just to be able to walk hand in hand and talk about different things. We still learn something new about each other every day! And I hope that keeps going on for the rest of our lives.

Today: We are going to take some things to TMCC (the community college) so we can keep things rolling for the fall. Later on Jon has work and I am going to take in an application to a retail store later on. I've never worked in retail and I'm not sure if it's my cup of hot chocolate. But it's worth a shot! I need to break out of my box and get some things going in life. I am also going to go into a restaurant for their open interview hours today. I had a little interview last week with a restaurant, but they had just hired 2 new people. But good news! They told me to come back in in about a month (if I'm still looking for a job) because they will have openings then, so that's a start! At least they didn't reject me! So that's always something to look forward to if nothing comes up till then.

Things are going well for us. Jon is liking his job, and he has a lot of responsibility. He comes home absolutely exhausted, but all of his hard work will definitely pay off. We are excited to keep things for school rolling. Life is just good right now. But, then again, it always has been.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

eh.. :/

So I am going out applying for jobs.. honestly, it scares the heck out of me. But, I need to do it so I will have something that will get me out of the apartment. And help me interact with people so I won't get so lonely all the time when Jon is at work.
I guess it's time to grow up right? eh.. yeah. So off I go, into the wild blue yonder! Flying high...okay okay, just kidding. But really, I'm leaving to go take my resume into a restaurant that I applied for online..wish me luck :/...

Yeah..that's all I got..